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What is Off The Feed?

Off the feed is a photographic art print service that allows Instagram photographers to do what they love most, take pictures, all while earning additional income by allowing OFF THE FEED to feature and sell their prints. For the customer OFF THE FEED is the simplest way to own and display a unique photo print from their favorite photographer on Instagram.

Sellers FAQ

You will receive 35 percent (%) commission off of each sale print and 30 percent (%) commission off of each Gallery print. Why are you only getting 35% and 30%? Well, we take care of all the printing, materials, packaging, and shipping. Once all hard costs are paid for, OFF THE FEED ensures that it compensates the photographers by giving them the lion's share of the profit.
Yes, submission is open to everyone. The only restriction is you must have an Instagram account.
Your photo must be at least 12 mega-pixels in order to ensure a good quality print.
You’ll receive an email to let you know that you’ve been selected along with the details of when your photo will be up for sell. With that being said, make sure you add an email you use on a regular basis. This process may take some time so please be patient as there’s a lot of emails being reviewed.
Any copyright violation will fall on the responsibility of the photographer as indicated on the photography agreement you must sign when you submit your print.
You can submit up to 5 photos at once. You can always come back and submit more at another time.
By agreeing to sell your prints through OFF THE FEED we obtain the right to help promote the sale of your photo on and outside of our OFF THE FEED Instagram channel only for the duration that your photo is available.
You need a picture will with excellent resolution. Remember, your photo is going to be made into a large format print so resolution needs to be at least 12MP. We recommend using a dedicated camera for the best results, but you can submit a picture captured on any device and it will be considered.
For featured prints, the standard time is 72 hours; however the time limit is subject to change. After the 72 hour sale, your photos will automatically appear in the Gallery for one year so you can sell your prints for an extended time and earn some extra cash!
There are no guarantees of print sales via OFF THE FEED.
If your photo is selected we ask you to promote your print on your own personal Instagram feed. While we will also advertise your print on our feed, self-promotion is a great way to get sales from your loyal followers.
In the submission section you will be asked to sync your Instagram feed to the website. From there all your Instagram photos will be visible and you’ll be able to select up to 5 to submit.
Absolutely! We will not claim any sort of ownership over your photo but by posting, uploading, adding, communicating, storing, or otherwise transmitting Communications on, to, or through the website, you understand and agree that you are giving Canon the right to use your image for the sole promotion of OFF THE FEED. Not for any other Canon marketing campaigns not related to OFF THE FEED.
The goal of OFF THE FEED is to allow your fans to purchase your artwork. The only way that they are going to know that your photo is for sale is by telling them! In order to have your photo featured on OFF THE FEED you are required to promote your photo(s) for sale on your Instagram account during the period that your photo is featured. This will give you the best opportunity to sell some prints. The more people that know, the more money you can earn. Help us, help you bring in some extra cash.
Photographers will be paid within 30 days of ship confirmation to the customer who has purchased your print. Ship confirmation is within 5 business days so the latest you’d receive payment is within 35-40 days. Payments are sent via PayPal.
At this time your print will be printed on premium satin matte photo paper with 8x12, 12x18 or 24x36 inch sizing dimensions. More paper options may be available at a later time.

Buyers FAQ

At this time your print will be printed on premium satin matte photo paper with 8x12, 12x18 or 24x36 inch sizing dimensions. More paper options may be available at a later time.
The border thickness is a 2 inch border on the 24 x 36" prints and a 1 inch border on the 12 x 18" prints.
You can contact and they will handle any sort of issues within 48 hours.
Due to the custom nature of the products ordered by the customer and created on demand, returns are not accepted. If a product is defective, OFF THE FEED may at their sole discretion remedy the situation with a replacement, credit, or refund.

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