For the Photographer

Off The Feed allows photographers on Instagram to make a tangible connection with their followers and earn some extra income from photos in their gallery.

Here’s how it works:

Allow us to feature your photography on Off The Feed and give your followers a chance to own a large format print of it.

Simplicity is key; we make it easy to sell prints of your favorite work. Let us manage the order processing, printing, shipping, customer service and marketing of each photo.

All that is required is a high res file of your favorite shots.

For the Photography Lover

Now you don’t have to settle for the same stock art you find in big box stores and on your neighbor’s wall.

Off The Feed is the simplest way to own and display a unique photo print by your favorite photographer on Instagram. Each photograph will only be featured once on Off The Feed so you’ll be one of a select few that own the print.

Each featured photographer has a name, story and an Instagram gallery so you can follow their journey as you enjoy their art in your home.